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Excuse Me was there someone wearing that coat ?

Car with jacket hanging out of the door

Should I tell him ?

I was leaving the pier and shooting the architecture when I noticed this guy parked in a no parking zone obviously waiting impatiently for who ever ran in saying “I’ll be just a sec”.

And you know what caught my eye in the viewfinder?  Yeah, that yellow jacket kind of clinging on to the side of his car.  He didn’t seem to concerned; He did seem to be in a hurry, but this is California EVERYONE IS IN A HURRY, till they get to the beach.

I snapped a couple more images wondering if I would see who he was waiting for coming out of the building.  I waited a minute but no one showed up and he was getting even more impatient.  I suppose he was expecting a cop to come by any moment and issue a ticket.
Should I cross the street and tell him about the jacket?

“Excuse me, you have something hanging from your car?”

“Excuse me, was someone wearing that jacket?”

“Excuse me, does that jacket belong to the person you are waiting for?”

Nah, this is California, they probably do this kind of thing all the time.


  1. Aha, it is flopping by the back seat car door so it belongs to a passenger. Obviously someone in a California shopping frenzy? Or, wait, it looks like a restaurant they’re parked in front of, so maybe it’s just two caffeine-deprived tourists who won’t wake up until they get their caffeine. I hope she comes out soon with the coffee.

    • Dave In Tucson says

      I hope for the jacket’s sake she got in the back door, but I doubt it. Passenger seat entry and then 20 miles down the road, “Honey, where’s my jacket?”

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