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Evocative and opaque, and it’s almost impenetrable

Does anyone talk like this?  Apparently.

I was listening to NPR the other day while out doing errands.  The interview was with a musician.  I don’t listen to music, espeically music with words.  The alternative for me is listening to interviews about music.

This particular interview was ordinary, till this sentence.

“And it’s, you know, evocative and opaque, and it’s almost impenetrable.”

It came as I was pulling in the garage and I found myself walking into the house saying over and over again evocative opaque and almost impenetrable.  What a combination of words in a single sentence.

I grabbed a pen and started writing only to find it had no ink,  Keep repeating, keep repeating, find a pen.  Finally.  I wrote the words on the back of a piece of paper and stuffed it in my laptop bag.

Now I sit at McDonalds writing and out comes the piece of paper so I can play with these words.  On a whim I google the words evocative opaque impenetrable.  Up pops the transcript of the very interview I heard on the radio a few days ago.

I love the internet, Big G and the power of words to evoke, provoke and poke at opaque and almost impenetrable minds.

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