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Don’t Get Sucked Into


Photo By: Julie Glaser Ray

I’m sitting at my usual table in Mcdonalds Oro Valley.  If you really want to know the one right in front of Home Depot. (I knew you didn’t really care).  I sit just to the left of the three big screen monitors. There’s a plug here for the laptop and it is a quiet corner, usually.

With all the unrest in the middle east they volume has been turned up higher than normal on the boob tubes.  (I’ll ask them to turn it down later).

I’m pretty good at tuning out the noise (I had three kids, LOL, I know you are reading this)  Okay, I do know they are reading this, so I have to be fair, that was rhetorical about the noise, they were three of the quietest kids I’ve even known, but then again, I’m pretty good at tuning out.

Well, I heard on a commercial.  “Find out who’s looking for you”  Yeah, right, lets see, Dave Smith, that’s pretty unique don’t you think?  (That’s rhetorical)  What the heck, I’m typing on the laptop so I open another tab on the browser and go to

Enter Your Name, Age, Zip Code.  Okay, I’ll try it.  Up pops a window showing teaser info about me, and it was me.  However, my relative Henry Smith they show, I’ve never heard of.

“If you want the whole report enter your primary email address (How they know it is or isn’t my primary address I don’t know).  But anytime someone wants my email address, I get this red flag waving high in my vision.  I decided, I didn’t need to know who was searching for me.  Till this morning I’ve lived without knowing, today . . .

There was no X to close the popup so I clicked on the tab to close it.  Up popped that Spammy gray box we have all scene WAIT!  CANCEL YOU DON”T WANT TO CLOSE THIS.  Oh, Hell Yes, I DO!

Don’t waste your time even going to  If you know anyone is looking for me, tell them I’m tired in Tucson.  If that’s not enough, tell them you heard he died about ten years ago.


  1. Ha ha!

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