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Dogs Pools & Life Jackets

A Dog’s Life in The Desert

Life Jackets & Pools for Dogs

This is a poor economy?

We stopped by Pet Smart in Oro Valley the other day to pick up some cat food for the one end and a new litter scoop for what comes out the other.

While cats might be considered neater than dogs being the one who cleans the litter pan could argue that question, but I won’t; not now, because this post is about dogs, pools, and life jackets.

As we made our way to the checkout I saw the display pictured here. I thought the doggie wading pool was a nice touch for keeping pets cool in the summer, especially when the summer heat is upon us. And if you haven’t noticed dogs can’t take off the fur coat in summer. Get it shaved down but not off.

What really caught my eye was the display of life jackets under the stack of pools. At first glance I shook my head, then I saw the price on those life Jackets.

Here is how the prices broke down by size:

  • XS dog – $18
  • S dog – $20
  • M dog – $24
  • L dog – $30
  • XL dog – $33

Pools & Life Jackets – Good Marketing

My first thought was “This is smart marketing” putting the pools and life jackets together in the same display. That’s like selling beach umbrella and sun block at the same display.

But wait; can’t dogs swim?

How deep are you going to fill a wading pool? I can see the XS dogs maybe being on their tippy toes once in the pool, but an XL dog in that pool would only be wet up to it’s knees (do dogs have knees?)

Is this an exercise in pet humiliation?

You know like when owners dress their pets up in stupid pet costumes and take their pictures and post them on Facebook. This is probably even more humiliating. Put a big dog in a wading pool and strap a life jacket on his back. With a thought bubble over the dogs head “I’m standing here in a wadding pool with water covering my ankles and I’ve got this stupid life jacket on and they want me to face the camera? What, They want the world to believe I can’t swim? God, what I do for doggie treats.”

Oh, did I mention, WE LIVE IN THE DESERT!!!

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