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Did You Know Your Gardner Looks Like Lee Marvin?

She had lived in Tucson years ago and was considering a position at the U of A heading up some new program in the field of Nursing.  We were driving around looking at homes and as usual we struck up quite a conversation.

“You know when I lived here years ago my neighbor was Lee Marvin.  He would come over early in the morning for coffee.  You could come over the fence in our back yard easily and Lee liked the coffee.

One day he said to me, ‘You know you are getting quite a few weeds in your front yard’

I know, I need to get to that.  He sipped on his cup and said ‘Would you mind if I pulled them for you?’

I laughed and said ‘if you want to pull weeds by all means go right ahead’

While he was out working in the yard the UPS truck pulled up and rang the doorbell.  The driver said ‘Did you know your gardener looks just like Lee Marvin?’

I laughed and said, ‘ He doesn’t look like Lee Marvin, he is Lee Marvin’ and I closed the door.”

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