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Contentment With What We Have


Finding Beauty in Everyday Things

There is a “good tired” it is often preceded by physical or mental activity which leaves us feeling fulfilled.

I have encountered a lot of people who are “driven” and never content in anything. They are often tired, but not a “good tired”.

Phrases that I’ve encountered over the years and see in use from time to time keep me thinking about this process of living life.  One of my favorites is “Enjoy the Journey”  I like to add, “It is often better than the destination”.  That certainly has been true in my life.

Not all destinations are a disappointment.  But it is very easy to set such high expectations in our mind that the experience can never live up to the imagination.

This past week I read a short paragraph about chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  The point was the same.  It is good to enjoy the rainbow, for we might never get to the pot of gold.

Being content with what we have doesn’t mean we don’t have goals in life.  Much the opposite.  Goals are important.  But, contentment with what we have along the way can lead to a richer time in life attaining the goal.

I’m reminded of a missionary to China that worked himself tirelessly and drove himself to exhaustion constantly in pursuit of his goal.  On his death bed at a very early age he finally realized what he had done.  Stating it this way.  “God gave me a message to deliver and a horse to deliver it (his body)  now I’ve killed the horse and the message won’t be delivered.”

We live in a time of great uncertainty.  While our lives right now are in trying times, it is good for all of us to question our lifestyle choices.  I read this week an article called “The Betterness Manifesto”  There are eight points;  here is one of them:

Cut. “Consume” less. Do you really need another pair of designer jeans, three soy mocha Frappuccinos a day, or a bigger TV? Really? Betterness happens not through naked, aggressive consumption of disposable, mass-produced stuff, but by learning to spend your hard-earned cash on smaller amounts of awesome stuff that’s made with love, ethics, and passion.”

Read the rest. It will hopefully give us all something to think about.

It is Monday, the first day of the work week for many of us.

Enjoy the journey, it is often better than the destination.

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