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Coming To A Breakfast Near You

Keeping the Everyday from becoming the Everyday

coaches oats and pancake mix

I'm already looking forward to tomorrow

Life is never dull around our house.  It goes by way to fast to be dull.
Yesterday was one of those very busy day, but it was a great day.

Fat Paper Day

I was behind on my paper reading but got that caught up at McDs for breakfast which is kind of a tradition around our  house.  Even if we have a really busy day ahead, as yesterday was, we try and make time to get Fat Paper Day at McDs for the start of the day.

Picking up a few things

One of the stops yesterday was at Costco to: “pick up a few things”.  I hate that, because picking up a few things always turns out to be a 1 with at least two zeros after it at the checkout.

While walking the aisles looking for where they had stashed the sliced almonds (this week), I heard a sudden cooing sound behind me, (this mean “she” found something that caught her eye and would catch up)  A couple aisles later she turned the corner with this big bag of pancake mix.  I’ll have to write about the eternal search for pancake mix.

Pancake day, coming soon

This morning was going to be Pancake day, but last night ended very late with work still left on the table and 5:30 this morning got here way too soon.  So instead of pancakes it was trusty oatmeal.

Like a coming attraction at the theater the beautifully packaged pancake mix was presented as a preview of breakfast tomorrow.  I hope those pancakes are as good as they look on the bag.  Heck, I’ll settle for them being as good as the packaging itself.

I like the idea of coming attractions for breakfast.  It keeps the Everyday from becoming the Everyday.  Now I’m off to Mcds for my morning coffee, (that’s a part of the everyday I really look forward to, that and reading the paper while I’m there).

What do you do to keep the Everyday from becoming everyday?

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