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Colorado River Abatement

Geez, they have a real water problem

I just spent a few days in Colorado. I noticed they have a lot of trouble keeping water out of their rivers.

Maybe that’s an understatement.  Actually, I couldn’t find a single river in Colorado that didn’t have water in it.  I’m wondering if we should send some Arizona Engineers to Colorado to help with the situation.

Yeah, that’s a bad idea, besides they are all busy building an imaginary wall on the border to go along with our imaginary water in our rivers.

I guess Colorado will just have to live with wet rivers and green mountains, trees, and meadows.  They probably don’t even notice.


  1. Please don’t complain about our water in the rivers. We have to have it there so we can send it to AZ so you people can take a shower!

  2. I’ll share some Iowa water from my basement river with you. We’ve had 14″ of rain in the last 25 days.

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