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Code Name Cupcake


Watch Out I'm Dangerous

There was a big brew ha ha over the code name “Geronimo” for Asama bin Laden. It has to be touch to pick a code name that doesn’t offend someone. So I’m thinking we should offend the person with the code name.

Personally, I think Geronimo was a perfect name for bin Laden. Why? Because he was so good at hiding from and striking his enemies when they least expected it. It pays tribute to Geronimo; not as a terrorist, but as a survivor. Taking any analogy or code name too far will always lead to offending someones political correctness.

So lets go for cupcake. Don’t you think bin Laden would hate it if he were referred to as “Cupcake”?

If we are going to offend anyone with a code name how about the person it applies to.

Variations of cupcakes can be used.  As well as almost anything sweet.

“Chocolate Sprinkles in sight, get ready.”

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