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The Dappled Sunlight

I read in the "Arizona Daily Star" Bonnie Henry's  "I'm back but I'm not really here" column yesterday.  She has spent her summer of retirement in the White Mountains. She used this phrase in the column: The dappled sunlight of the forest floor I … [Read more...]

How I win at Scrabble

This is how I win at Scrabble. … [Read more...]

Evocative and opaque, and it’s almost impenetrable

Does anyone talk like this?  Apparently. I was listening to NPR the other day while out doing errands.  The interview was with a musician.  I don't listen to music, espeically music with words.  The alternative for me is listening to interviews about … [Read more...]

A Melon Baller – Tool of Excess?

When I was growing up Dad raised cantaloupe.  We always had the melon sliced into wedges with the seeds removed (of course).  I must have been 16 before I went somewhere that had melon balls in a bowl along with sliced bananas and orange wedges. I didn't … [Read more...]

Ball Jar Water Glasses

When we were growing up in Ohio there was no air conditioning other than the fan in the window. It could get very humid in the house especially when mom was canning in the fall. The pressure cooker was on the stove for days and weeks at a time when … [Read more...]

Is the time right for garlic Breath Mints ?

Garlic Fresh One thing we have noticed about eating food "rich" in garlic, if only one of us eats it, we can smell in on the others breath 10 feet away.  But, if we both eat it, we can't smell it at all.  Interesting observation, therefore, we always make … [Read more...]

Colorado River Abatement

I just spent a few days in Colorado. I noticed they have a lot of trouble keeping water out of their rivers. Maybe that's an understatement.  Actually, I couldn't find a single river in Colorado that didn't have water in it.  I'm wondering if we should send … [Read more...]

Early Morning Priority —COFFEE

It was early, at least for me it was early. 4:45am up and showered off to Arizona City to help my Metal Artist son install 4 security doors that were more art than doors. I love his work, and will post a few images of the doors as soon as I get back there to … [Read more...]

Achieving “Native” Status in Tucson

I am now a "Native" Tucsonan. You don't get a card or bumper sticker.  You just "know".  When I first moved to Tucson in 1999, which was in the last century, I was told "Almost everyone in Tucson is from somewhere else." But then again, isn't that the case … [Read more...]

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