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Handed to Me Hot!

Remember when the Old Lady at the McDonalds drive through window spilled hot coffee on her . . . self.   It lead to a policy of setting hot coffee down and never handing it to a customer, especially if there was no lid on the cup. New Day and Age Now it is a … [Read more...]

Me as Ralphie – That’s Rediculous

I don’t look anything like Ralphie, do I? I was looking through my first photo album as a photographer. The picture was taken in Apr. 1959 when they would print the month and year in the white fancy cut border around the photo. Please tell me I … [Read more...]

The Ohio Mailbox and The Snow Plow

It was like an annual rite of passage. The snow would fall and continue to build up in the ditches as the snowplows would come down the road as fast as they could navigate and giant plums of snow would cascade from the front of the plow at times appearing … [Read more...]

The Romantic and the Cynic

Two people can see the same thing and interpret what they see in very different ways. I was walking on the pier at Huntington Beach earlier this month when I came up behind this couple.  Without raising my camera I guessed on the shot and snapped while I … [Read more...]


When I walk from my room in the Luxor to get to the Mandalay Bay convention center I have to walk by about a thousand slot machines. When I see a slot machine there are only two emotions I ever experience; Fear and Relief. I'm always afraid of loosing … [Read more...]

When Dead Isn’t Dead

Monday was travel day.  It started with a short drive from Irvine to Dana Point down the coastal highway.  It was raining and cloudy.  The coastline was socked in but the weather to us desert dwellers was like a refreshing shower. At Dana Point we stopped … [Read more...]

Continueing Educatoin Postcard

I saw this ad for Seniors with hip and knee replacement therapy needs. But the warped part of my sense of humor kicked in and I took the title and created this card. If you read it and someone you know comes to mind. Go ahead and copy and send it to … [Read more...]

Fully Loaded Soup Is It Safe to Eat Alone

Fully Loaded Can of Soup I was at a friends house a couple a weekends ago.  While around the dinner table (that’s the evening meal) the subject of soup came up.  I don’t remember why, come to think of it, why would we talk about soup? Oh, I think it … [Read more...]

In Defense of Mediocrity

We have all been challenged to be the best we can be. We hear all the time to pursue excellence. I agree we should be the best we can be and pursue excellence. However, we can’t all excel, not all are going to be outstanding at what they do. I have to say … [Read more...]

Price of Dino Dung More than Doubles YIKES!

I know it is hard to believe with the price of gas, milk, bread, eggs, rice rising so quickly it slipped up on me that Dino Dung was more than doubling in price. Some would say buying dino dung, even fossilized 130 million year old dino dung was a waste of … [Read more...]

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