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How to Cook Toast

I rarely make toast. Bread has become my enemy in the battle for lower blood sugar levels. If I'm going to have a spike in blood sugars I want it to be from something I really, really enjoy. Yeah, Ice Cream comes to mind. And I don't mean the 17 to 34 sugars … [Read more...]

Look it up in the Dictionary

That was one of those dreaded phrases that used to come out of my teacher's mouth when I would ask how to spell something. Honestly, that never made any sense to me.  You have to know how to spell the word to look it up.  So now that I'm not in school … [Read more...]

Should Coins Be Not Round

A rolling stone gathers no moss. No I don't know who said it. (No I'm not interested in who said it, but go ahead and share it if you want) When they say it is all downhill from here, it's a metaphor. The older I get the faster the days go rushing by. … [Read more...]


I'm pretty sure that had Godfather's had franchises in any of the beka-stans that Herman Cain would have known their names and where they were located. #justsayin … [Read more...]

McGuffey Readers – What My Grandma Used to Say

Grandma Ling, was a literate woman.  WOW, I never knew that.  What I remember about my grandma was the aprons, the nickname "bubbles", the granny shoes she always wore. Her insistence; "David, don't pick your nose"  "But, Grandma, how am I supposed to get … [Read more...]

Help Save the Environment – DON’T Join AARP

It was over 10 years ago, my folks were thrilled that I was finally old enough to join AARP.  They talked of all the benefits, they never mentioned all the junk mail that came with membership. It seemed I was taking a wheelbarrow to the mailbox three days a … [Read more...]

Don’t Get Sucked Into

I'm sitting at my usual table in Mcdonalds Oro Valley.  If you really want to know the one right in front of Home Depot. (I knew you didn't really care).  I sit just to the left of the three big screen monitors. There's a plug here for the laptop and it is a … [Read more...]

Build Your Own Database Driven Website Using PHP & MYSQL

Safe To Read - NOT a Geek Post I bought this ebook back in December (2010 in case this post is around for a few years, LOL, Yeah, right) I bought 4 to 6 ebooks around the same time. I have them somewhere. I got an email today saying the next step is being … [Read more...]

Twenty Percent Off on Parts

I mentioned those crappy stickers they keep putting on the front page of the newspaper.  I've never seen one I wanted to take advantage of until the other day.  It was for 20% off on Parts. I've got a few parts I'd like to replace.  The only problem, I … [Read more...]

I Might be Old but I still pick up Change & Chicks

Well, I still pickup change. I see this as a source of exercise (I can still bend down and touch the ground) and revenue.  I don't care if it is a penny or a $20, I will bend over to pick it up. I find about a dollar a week in change laying in parking … [Read more...]

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