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A Dumpster Fire Kind of Day

Have you ever had a dumpster fire kind of day?  Maybe you aren't familiar with the term. A Dumpster Fire Day I was at my office away from the office, KK for those that know me (Krispy Kreme) for the rest.  It has coffee that is strong, bitter and not my … [Read more...]

Moses at the Parthenon

A Surreal Moment in Time I've never been to Greece.  I've studied a lot about Greece during biblical times.  The travels of Paul and the places he went and his letters to those living in Greece filled a lot of my study time in an earlier chapter in the … [Read more...]

80 Percent Vegan

I mentioned yesterday being 80% vegan. I even said (Don't ask). Well that was like an invitation, wasn't it. I'm an (currently) an 80% Vegan diet guy. That's coming a long way for me. I'm from Ohio, Midwest, meat and potatoes country. We raise beef and … [Read more...]

An Unhealthy Vegan Diet

I've discovered it is possible to eat a vegetarian diet which is completely unhealthy. We usually think of a vegetarian diet and health.  We see people who are fit (skinny even) and the picture of health that proclaim to eat no meat and have a healthy … [Read more...]

Sooooo Dave

On the Honey Do List There was only one small task on the Honey Do list as Barbara left for a conference in Phx for the next two days.  (Two, but I'm not counting vacuum and mop the floors) It usually starts with a long slow "Sooooo Dave,  Can you take the … [Read more...]

Funny what you find when taking out the trash

This isn't exactly like airing dirty laundry, but close enough to being an invasion of privacy that I cropped the image. And those bottles and tissues are normal every day fare in our little waste basket in the master bath. But the big red tag couldn't … [Read more...]

Where’s Your Referral

The other day I mentioned going in for an eye exam and being told I needed a referral. I didn't have one, I told them to reschedule and I'd get a referral and set up a new appointment. They didn't want to do that. Instead they told me to sign a form which … [Read more...]

Tucson Weather

I remember when I first moved to Tucson the contrast in how the weather was reported between Tucson and Des Moines Iowa. In Iowa if there was a chance the sun would shine through the clouds it would be "Partly Sunny"  That meant if you see light outside run … [Read more...]

The Hurrier I Go The Behinder I Get

I used to hear this all the time growing up. It was something mom would say often when things started to go wrong when she was in a hurry. She could get mad, but often it was humor that got her through the moment. It was and still is humor that gets me … [Read more...]

3:85 Microwave Time

I know there are only 60 seconds in a minute, but did you know that some microwave ovens will allow you to program in second up to 100 seconds after the minute? Our GE will take the time 3:85 which is actually in human time 4:25 seconds. Entering 4:00 for a … [Read more...]

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