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A Teensy Bit Late

I found out Teensy is about 40 minutes, I thought a teensy was shorter, but . . . UPDATE! more info.  if a teensy has a weensy with it, that cuts the length of the teensy in half.  I DID NOT KNOW THAT! … [Read more...]

Life’s Challenges and Personal Goals

My First President Dwight D Eisenhower is the first president I remember.  I also know the D stands for David (go figure)  he was first elected in 1953.  I don't recall much of him as president, I know he liked to play golf;  lived for a hole in one.  … [Read more...]

A Fly On The Rim of My Cup

Flies are . . . You can pretty much fill in the rest.  They are distractions, but a better term might be annoying.  This time of year flies are in the desert and seem to congregate at McDonalds. They don't sing hymns but they do have a buzz. I don' t know if … [Read more...]

Diagramming Sentences

Oh my. When I was in the 8th grade we had to diagram sentences. It was both fun and horrifying at the same time. Drawing lines and putting break-off points with words going up and down. Learning that a preposition is: "anything a squirrel can do in a tree" … [Read more...]

Monday Noon Pizza Flop

Stopped by Costco around Noon to have a "Wiener" with lots of onions and then to pick up some Steal Cut Oatmeal (I say steal cut because I can't stand the regular stuff) and some sliced almonds to go on it. Also picked up some freezer bags, and a few other … [Read more...]

Candyland Man

I played Candyland this weekend with two of the grand kids.  It had been almost a year since I had played the game but like riding a bike it all came back to me pretty quickly. The littlest player was 2 she is cute and smiles a lot (that goes a long way … [Read more...]

The Eclectic Cupboard – That’s Life

I opened the cupboard the other day while putting dishes away.  On the second or third trip from the dishwasher I stopped and looked at the cupboard.  I noticed a few new additions to the already eclectic assortment. The newest are older.  The large pink … [Read more...]

The Ceiling Fan we Never Shut Off

I'm sitting in the great room with the laptop and writing from the recliner.  Yeah, tough life.  The sun is down and it was so dark in here I couldn't see the keys.  So your thinking, "Turn on a light."  Yeah, there is only one catch.  The light is in the … [Read more...]

Rare Nearsighted Married Male Hummingbird

Yes, that's a mouthful.  There are a few assumptions, but assumptions are what most of us make in nearly every situation we encounter;  at least the ones that are out of "our ordinary". We base those assumptions on our personal history, our own personality, … [Read more...]

Is Your Birth Day Special ?

Today is the 23rd of July.  Every month on the 23rd I make note of the day.  Because I was born on the 23rd. Pencil Marks on the Doorway Remember when people lived in a home for years and year and would record on the doorways the age and heights of the kids … [Read more...]

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