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The Minnows Will Eat You Alive

We walked into McDonald’s this morning and within 30 seconds I know it was one of “THOSE” days. The line was long, everyone behind the counter was running around like they were on board the Titanic and the ship was sinking quickly. The manager was on the … [Read more...]

Rainy Day Memories

I was up early this morning enjoying the rain.  The smell in the air isn't of creosote (which isn't a bad smell) it is of fall leaves.  A familiar smell, which brings back many wonderful memories. Off to fill the tank as sprinkles began, then to redbox to … [Read more...]

Amazon Review for a Nikon Lens Cap

Yep, I called it “The fulfillment of a life long goal”. Not REALLY! It has never been on my list of life achievements to write a review for a lens cap on Not on my Bucket List or things I would mark as a "Life Changing Experience". More a … [Read more...]

Men Make Little Noises?

I was told recently by a member of the other side of the gene pool that men make noises when they are tired of waiting.  I didn’t know that.  I must have missed school that day or was late getting back from the playground when we had that lesson. It appears … [Read more...]

A Bunch of Man Stuff

I’ve never shopped on Craigslist.  I’ve only ever been to the site a couple of times.  Recently I decided to do a little “de-stuffing” and get rid of some “stuff”.  Craigslist came to mind because when I was looking for a new table saw a few years back my … [Read more...]

A Case of Mistaken Identity

We all have personal history which tends to shape our view of reality. Sometimes it even shapes our perception of objects and their intended use. Take these Tiki Torches for example. I was setting up this photo (taking my camera out of my pocket) when I … [Read more...]

How Old is Old ?

There is a difference between being old and being tired. I often have energy beyond some that are 13 years younger than I am chronologically.  I chose 13 years at random so don't try and read anything into this particular number unless you have a particular … [Read more...]

Excuse Me was there someone wearing that coat ?

I was leaving the pier and shooting the architecture when I noticed this guy parked in a no parking zone obviously waiting impatiently for who ever ran in saying "I'll be just a sec". And you know what caught my eye in the viewfinder?  Yeah, that yellow … [Read more...]

Call My Cell – Lose My Vote

Years ago I put my cell phone number on the do no call list. I don't want calls. I have my phone for my convenience. Advertisers, Sales people and Politicians don't pay my cell bill. I don't want their calls, no matter what the pitch. This morning I got … [Read more...]

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