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The Carefree Days

I remember what it was like to be young.  I remember how those summer days felt.  The smell of fresh cut grass and a newly mown field.  Looking back on it, I realize the world wasn't carefree at all. The world had just come out of World War II.  The … [Read more...]

ADD Reading The Norm

These days it seems very few people actually read. They scan, they pick out a few words, they skip to the end, but they don't read. I know this because I send a lot of emails which answer very specific questions. In response I  get an email asking another … [Read more...]


Quixotic: exceedingly idealistic; unrealistic and impractical. Without any bonus paces this is an 8 letter, 26 point word. This is going on my bucket list. Well, it would, if I had a bucket list. Bonus points would be just that, bonus points. It seems … [Read more...]

I Still Read the Newspaper

I spent Friday and Saturday in Phoenix last weekend (driving home each day) at a WordPress conference called WordCamp Phoenix.  This put me a couple of days behind on my newspaper reading which I do in honor of the generation that not only still reads … [Read more...]

Coming To A Breakfast Near You

Keeping the Everyday from becoming the Everyday Life is never dull around our house.  It goes by way to fast to be dull. Yesterday was one of those very busy day, but it was a great day. Fat Paper Day I was behind on my paper reading but got that … [Read more...]

From Saturday to Saturday

Tired Shock Grieving Stark Reality Senseless Loss Reflecting Thinking Praying Overwhelming Sadness Embarrassed Thankful Hope … [Read more...]

Harbor Freight for BP Monitor

I'll have to admit I would never have thought to go to Harbor Freight to find a Blood Pressure monitor. My first thoughts would be to look at a couple of walls. The first wall would be Wal*Mart. They always have this kind of stuff near the pharmacy area. … [Read more...]

Christmas Carols and Gender Identity

Originally the title was: How Christmas Carols Contributed to my Confusion about Gender Identification and  Biological  Processes. It seemed a little long, but descriptive. Two phrases come to mind from popular Christmas Carols I heard again this week. I … [Read more...]

Some Thoughts on Poop

This morning I was refilling the master bath supply of toilet paper. There was an aroma coming from the little room. It was the smell of vanilla and cinnamon. It came from the current can that sits on the tank. While I was filling the shelf with paper it … [Read more...]

Walt Whitman Once Said . . .

I read a lot as a kid (young man) as I grew so did my love of books, words, and the worlds that words build in the mind's eye of the reader. It wasn't uncommon for me to be a binge reader.  I mean if I read a book by Hemingway I would read as many in a row … [Read more...]

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