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Unhealthy Vegan Meal #2

Peanut butter and tomato sandwich with sea salt and malt vinegar chips. The apricot I'll admit was a last minute entry for color. Though it would fit with the vegan diet.  I don't much care for fruit, especially apricots (unless dried, which are too … [Read more...]

I got my first spam comment today

That First Dollar On The Wall This is a sign you have been noticed.  When the web responds with your first spam comment.  Mine arrived late yesterday.  I share it with you as if it just happened. Terrific work! This is the type of information that should be … [Read more...]


When I was in grade school there was a lot of memorization.  The Alphabet, Multiplication Tables, the first 10 digits for pi, you get the idea. Somewhere along 4th or 5th grade I thought I had most of the memorization stuff down.  Till one day our teacher … [Read more...]

The ABC’s of Life in Arizona

A couple of nights ago I performed a wedding for family members of a friend. It was a beautiful evening. After the ceremony I was sitting inside waiting for the group to gather from taking photos to sign the paperwork. While waiting I saw the plaque … [Read more...]

A Turtle Named Mertle

Actually the name is Fred, but Fred didn't rhyme. It isn't easy trying to do landscaping when the temperatures have been over 100 for more than 30 days this summer. I compare it to raising veggies in Minnesota in winter when it is 20 below zero. So … [Read more...]

Cloud Spit is all we get

I wanted to say "Cloud spit is all we git"  as a form of poetic rhythm.  But my first grade teacher "Mrs. Taylor" would never have accepted that.  While words like "ain't" were common in our part of Ohio, git was not. We want rain. The Monsoon season … [Read more...]

I’m Sixty, I don’t need doe eyes

I'm writing later in the day than usual.  Early this morning I was at the eye clinic for a 6 month follow-up visit.  When I went in for my annual check-up and contact lens fitting in January the Doctor spotted a hemorrhage in my right eye. The hemorrhage … [Read more...]

Do You Ever Question Product Reviews

I mentioned the other day I bought a new grill. Before doing so I checked out the brand and some of the recent reviews of the grill itself. Some I found interesting and reassuring I had made a good decision. A couple I wondered about the usefulness of the … [Read more...]

Nexgrill Assembled

See that didn't take long This is what it looks like now. I quip that it didn't take long, actually it took about 2 1/2 hours and I only had to put it together once.  (Sometimes I put things together a couple times depending on how many parts are left … [Read more...]

My New NexGrill

After almost 10 years of great service my old gas grill was on the last of it's plastic wheels.  The burners were shot, the grates were rusty and several things on it were held together with wire.  The ignitor had long since stopped working and I was using my … [Read more...]

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