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Round 2 The Rabbit and the Gate

Round 2 to Me Last fall in anticipation of putting in the grass in the backyard I had my son make a new side yard gate.  Strong, wide, as wide as the opening to the backyard.  Then I laid a walk of pavers up to the gate and put gravel around and under the … [Read more...]

Three Score and One

Yes, Another year has passed.  Time flies on wings of ever accelerating destiny. Does it bother me that I'm another year older? I know for some people their birthday is a big deal.  First when they are young because of the parties and presents.  Then when … [Read more...]

Calling All Bobcats – Free Well Fed Rabbits

I've been doing battle with rabbit as well as the heat.  There is a major infestation of them around our house and neighborhood.  Yeah, I'm still doing battle with the bunnies. Round 1 to the Rabbits I've bought more than $100 worth of plants which have … [Read more...]

Holy Mackrel Look at Those Tomatoes

First Fruit - Glorious Tomatoes They are beautiful, my first born tomatoes.  There are many more on the vine; hope for some wonderful salads to come. The birds got one of the first green tomatoes but since then they have left the crop alone. I'm … [Read more...]

Shade Sailing Isn’t A Breeze

Especially if there is a breeze, even worse if there is a wind. That's what I've been battling for the past couple of days and I have the blisters to prove it. It takes time and a lot of effort to get these sails up and aligned. But I still think the … [Read more...]

Shade, Wonderful Shade

I've been working over a year on the backyard and patio. The patio is 99% done, the grass in growing, the solar lights are solaring and the tomatoes are growing in the corner of the yard.   I took this shot a little after 7 pm. The wall behind is … [Read more...]

Saturday I Mowed the Yard

For the first time in 11 years I mowed the lawn. No, it wasn't all that tall.  I planted it about 3 weeks ago, maybe 4. When I moved to Tucson from Iowa I left behind all my lawn mowing and weed whacking equipment.  (I left my snow shovel there too)  The … [Read more...]

Tucson Green Garlic

The middle of March we were standing in the checkout line at Sprouts Farmer's Market. As is often the case, the "little woman" (she knows that's a term of endearment) was looking for interesting recipes in the magazines. She's a very fast reader and can … [Read more...]

Finally the Government Does Something That Makes Sense

The Economy? NO! The Wars? NO! Medicare? NO! The Debt? NO! Social Security? NO! The Plate? YES! The plate makes sense.  The pyramid was as hard to decipher as Egyptian Hieroglyphics on a pyramid.  When I look at the food pyramid I think, "Everyone wants … [Read more...]

A Man Beyond a Certain Age

I've really enjoyed the series "Men of a Certain Age" the show covers some very interesting topics and social interactions of men with and without families. The season opener of the series is on tonight. I like all three of the main characters and their … [Read more...]

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