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Tucson Gardening with a Hammer Drill

I had my spot all picked out for my winter garden (attempt) when do something dumb. I stopped and read an article on the internet that said in Tucson a winter garden needs at least 8 hrs. of sun so pick your garden plot accordingly. Great, My spot (which … [Read more...]

Winter Rye Time in Tucson

The Bermuda Grass is going dormant for the winter. This leaves me with a choice. Either I leave it brown and wait for summer to return, or I put in a perennial rye grass as an over seed to the Bermuda and enjoy a green lawn all winter long. I like … [Read more...]

McMillions Time Again

Yep,  It's Monopoly at Mcdonalds 2011 I was expecting this to start on Tue. Sept. 27th as the place mat above indicates.   But when I meet my Dad and sister at Mcdonalds on Monday Sept. 26th the game pieces were already out and on our Hashbrowns. (I won a … [Read more...]

sun just went down here – it went quietly tonight

The past three weeks have add a capitol T to the Tired Guy.  It has been non-stop since early July, but the capper for the summer has been what we call the "Triathlon" around here. First was a local realtor expo at the Tucson Convention Center.  A booth for … [Read more...]

Tired Guys’ Chili

This recipe have never been written down or passed down.  It is an original creation by The Tired Guy and it is one that till now has been kept strictly in his head. There have been rave reviews by those that have eaten it in the past.  It is a requested … [Read more...]

How To Import Contacts into a Gmail Group

I was searching for information on how to import a csv file into gmail and put those into a separate group. The information I found wasn't very good. So I decided to make a little video on how easy it really is to import a contact list of emails into a group … [Read more...]


So, how's life treating you? … [Read more...]

Seeing Thunder and Hearing Lightening

What a week ago was called Gonesoon is now back. The past few days the showers have been mostly a tease.  Not the kind of Shower tease I like.  It skirts around us then drops a few drops as if to say, "Hey, I'm over here".  But that's about it. A lot of … [Read more...]

Grass Update – The Kind you Mow

My day job has been taking more of my time this week. But, the grass keeps growing and growing. I've reseeded a few spots which still seem to defy sprouting. The next step might be to dig it out and replace all the soil. I'll give it a week to see if the areas … [Read more...]

Grand Kids Coming – The Grocery List

Half gallon of whole milk Spaghetti-Os with hot dogs Individually wrapped Prunes for Heather After those first 2 I can see why we need the third one. … [Read more...]

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