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Calling All Bobcats – Free Well Fed Rabbits

Rabbits Rabbits Rabbits

Rabbits Rabbits Rabbits

I’ve been doing battle with rabbit as well as the heat.  There is a major infestation of them around our house and neighborhood.  Yeah, I’m still doing battle with the bunnies.

Round 1 to the Rabbits

I’ve bought more than $100 worth of plants which have turned out to be nothing more than expensive green salads for the rabbits.  Even the plant that are said to be “Rabbit Safe”  have been chewed to the ground.  Sometimes I’ve been able to dig them and put them in pots till they have recovered enough to be transplanted in the backyard.  So it have been extremely difficult to grow any kind of flowering plant in the front yard.

In the past two weeks I’ve planted and removed two nice plants.  All because of rabbits.

They are growing fat on my very expensive landscaping.  Therefore, I’m issuing a general and open invitation to all Bobcats, Hawks and Owls.  Come and get all the well fed rabbits you can eat.  Doggie bags are welcome, I don’t need the left overs either.


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