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Call My Cell – Lose My Vote

Years ago I put my cell phone number on the do no call list. I don’t want calls. I have my phone for my convenience. Advertisers, Sales people and Politicians don’t pay my cell bill. I don’t want their calls, no matter what the pitch. This morning I got this voice message on my phone. I never answer my phone unless I know who it is, maybe I’ll answer if I know.

I’ve never received a call from a politician on my cell till this morning. I just got this call.

Kelly For Congress

I have this hard and fast rule. CALL MY CELL – LOOSE MY VOTE It is a hard and fast rule. Even if you are my candidate of choice, I will not vote for you if you call my cell. PERIOD.

Join the 21st Century

What should these robo call politicians do?  Join the 21st century.  Get on Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Yelp and have your own website/blog.  Write posts daily and put your robo call messages on your site.  Then we get to chose to listen to your “Podcast”.  We choose.  And you don’t loose a vote over a stupid robo call.

Mr. Kelly has all these in place, so what old timer decided to pull this ancient tactic out of the hat?  Does Mr. Kelly have too many votes already?  Does he need to shed a few voters by annoying them making it a closer race?

Here’s a hint  “FIRE the bonehead that suggested you use ROBO CALLS”

You want my vote today, don’t use 1970 tactics to annoy the hell out of your potential voters.

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