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Build Your Own Database Driven Web Site

What Do You Mean I Have To Read It?

Safe To Read – NOT a Geek Post

I bought this ebook back in December (2010 in case this post is around for a few years, LOL, Yeah, right) I bought 4 to 6 ebooks around the same time. I have them somewhere. I got an email today saying the next step is being written now.

Thanks for the reminder. I have to find that book, but really, what I need to do is find time to read the book.

I’ve discovered in my short time on this orb that simply owning a book isn’t good enough. Putting it under my pillow at night isn’t good enough, printing it out on paper and taking it with me in my computer bag (I used to carry a briefcase) isn’t enough.

Dagnabbit, I have to read the darn thing. And as if that wasn’t enough, I have to understand it.

Which means, I might have to read it really slow or more than once.

Got any books you want to read?



  1. I think it works the same way with weight loss and gym memberships. Now sure why but there’s no effect unless you go.

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