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3:85 Microwave Time

I know there are only 60 seconds in a minute, but did you know that some microwave ovens will allow you to program in second up to 100 seconds after the minute? Our GE will take the time 3:85 which is actually in human time 4:25 seconds. Entering 4:00 for a … [Read more...]

Colorado River Abatement

I just spent a few days in Colorado. I noticed they have a lot of trouble keeping water out of their rivers. Maybe that's an understatement.  Actually, I couldn't find a single river in Colorado that didn't have water in it.  I'm wondering if we should send … [Read more...]

Son of the Man Older than Dirt

This is the day. I'm three score in age. I had breakfast yesterday with my Dad, I put Dad in caps because there is no way I can call him dad. He is Dad aka, "The Man Older than Dirt". He is my hero. That's how I feel most days. But it isn't as … [Read more...]

What’s The Score

"Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal." When I was in grade school we had to memorize the Gettysburg Address. (Does … [Read more...]

Four More Day

It is June 19, 2010.  I've always made the joke that those of us who are mathematically challenged were given a special gift by God.  He allowed us to be born on years ending in 0 or 5 so we could figure out dates. In the Year 2000 When I was 10 in 1960 our … [Read more...]

I Buy Bulk

My folk's were depression kids. This meant we kids of depression kids learned a lot about making due with what you had and figuring out how to rebuke the devourer as long as humanly possible. As I grew into my own version of adulthood I took those lessons … [Read more...]

Early Morning Priority —COFFEE

It was early, at least for me it was early. 4:45am up and showered off to Arizona City to help my Metal Artist son install 4 security doors that were more art than doors. I love his work, and will post a few images of the doors as soon as I get back there to … [Read more...]

Not Time to Change the Oil

There are some things in life that appear to be work to many which I enjoy doing. There is personal fulfillment in doing something that most people pay some one else to do for them. Changing the oil in the car I've always changed my own oil in the car.  … [Read more...]

Tucson Rain Pools

We don't get a lot of rain in Tucson. About 12 inches in a year is what we can expect. Today is the "official" start of the 2010 Monsoon Season in Tucson. During Monsoon we get lots of rain, thunder, storms, and flash floods.  At night the Colorado river … [Read more...]

Contentment With What We Have

There is a "good tired" it is often preceded by physical or mental activity which leaves us feeling fulfilled. I have encountered a lot of people who are "driven" and never content in anything. They are often tired, but not a "good tired". Phrases that … [Read more...]

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