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A Dumpster Fire Kind of Day

Have you ever had a dumpster fire kind of day?  Maybe you aren't familiar with the term. A Dumpster Fire Day I was at my office away from the office, KK for those that know me (Krispy Kreme) for the rest.  It has coffee that is strong, bitter and not my … [Read more...]

Moses at the Parthenon

A Surreal Moment in Time I've never been to Greece.  I've studied a lot about Greece during biblical times.  The travels of Paul and the places he went and his letters to those living in Greece filled a lot of my study time in an earlier chapter in the … [Read more...]

Is the time right for garlic Breath Mints ?

Garlic Fresh One thing we have noticed about eating food "rich" in garlic, if only one of us eats it, we can smell in on the others breath 10 feet away.  But, if we both eat it, we can't smell it at all.  Interesting observation, therefore, we always make … [Read more...]

80 Percent Vegan

I mentioned yesterday being 80% vegan. I even said (Don't ask). Well that was like an invitation, wasn't it. I'm an (currently) an 80% Vegan diet guy. That's coming a long way for me. I'm from Ohio, Midwest, meat and potatoes country. We raise beef and … [Read more...]

An Unhealthy Vegan Diet

I've discovered it is possible to eat a vegetarian diet which is completely unhealthy. We usually think of a vegetarian diet and health.  We see people who are fit (skinny even) and the picture of health that proclaim to eat no meat and have a healthy … [Read more...]

I got my first spam comment today

That First Dollar On The Wall This is a sign you have been noticed.  When the web responds with your first spam comment.  Mine arrived late yesterday.  I share it with you as if it just happened. Terrific work! This is the type of information that should be … [Read more...]

Sooooo Dave

On the Honey Do List There was only one small task on the Honey Do list as Barbara left for a conference in Phx for the next two days.  (Two, but I'm not counting vacuum and mop the floors) It usually starts with a long slow "Sooooo Dave,  Can you take the … [Read more...]


When I was in grade school there was a lot of memorization.  The Alphabet, Multiplication Tables, the first 10 digits for pi, you get the idea. Somewhere along 4th or 5th grade I thought I had most of the memorization stuff down.  Till one day our teacher … [Read more...]

The ABC’s of Life in Arizona

A couple of nights ago I performed a wedding for family members of a friend. It was a beautiful evening. After the ceremony I was sitting inside waiting for the group to gather from taking photos to sign the paperwork. While waiting I saw the plaque … [Read more...]

Funny what you find when taking out the trash

This isn't exactly like airing dirty laundry, but close enough to being an invasion of privacy that I cropped the image. And those bottles and tissues are normal every day fare in our little waste basket in the master bath. But the big red tag couldn't … [Read more...]

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