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Ball Jar Water Glasses

ball jar

I collect corks

When we were growing up in Ohio there was no air conditioning other than the fan in the window. It could get very humid in the house especially when mom was canning in the fall.

The pressure cooker was on the stove for days and weeks at a time when tomatoes, corn, kidney beans, etc. were ready to harvest and can for the winter.

There were Ball jars, lid rings, and seals all over the place.

Tomatoes were ground and run through a sieve to remove the seeds.  The whole process took hours culminating in tomato sauce being canned for winter spaghetti and chili.  The winter meals were planned around what we still had down in the cellar storage room.  I made many a trip down to get a can of tomato sauce or a jar of kidney beans.  Toward spring it was time to get creative and use what was left on the shelf.

As cans were emptied they were washed and stored.  The harvest would be coming soon enough, the kitchen would be hot and mom would be canning corn, tomatoes, kidney beans, etc.

Now we buy ball jars to put stuff in instead of food, or we find ourselves sitting in a restaurant where they use them for water glasses.  And as I sip my water waiting to have our order taken, I’m whisked back in time to Ohio, to mom with sweat on her upper lip and the sound of the pressure gauge bobbing on top of the pressure cooker.

Life was harder then, but simpler in many ways.

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