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Bananas Onions Wine

A gift from the heart I refuse to buy into the commercialism of Roses, Chocolate and all things red and heart shaped. Instead I chose to give a unique gift that will be remembered for years to come.  The gift of Two of the longest bananas I've ever … [Read more...]

Bare Love on Valentine’s Day

[Read more...]


Quixotic: exceedingly idealistic; unrealistic and impractical. Without any bonus paces this is an 8 letter, 26 point word. This is going on my bucket list. Well, it would, if I had a bucket list. Bonus points would be just that, bonus points. It seems … [Read more...]

My Three Cents

Due to inflationary action in my brain and advance financial age (I'm not saying old money here) I've discovered I now have to put in my three cents instead of two. "Is that it?" Yep, what did you expect for 3 lousy cents?  Wisdom and profound insights? … [Read more...]

The Pursuit of the Perfect Pancake

Oh how she longs for Jo Mamma's Grill Multi-grain pancakes.  I wondered why over the past few months there have been a string of different pancake mixes appearing and then disappearing from the cupboard after a single batch of (I'll call them mediocre) … [Read more...]

I Still Read the Newspaper

I spent Friday and Saturday in Phoenix last weekend (driving home each day) at a WordPress conference called WordCamp Phoenix.  This put me a couple of days behind on my newspaper reading which I do in honor of the generation that not only still reads … [Read more...]

Senior Discount Day First Wed of the Month

I'll probably be carded this evening.  I'm going to be a "token" Sr. Citizen later.  Last night I was informed invited to be a Sr. Citizen today to get the 10% discount on all groceries at Fry's. I've not participated in this monthly event before.  I'm … [Read more...]

Twenty Percent Off on Parts

I mentioned those crappy stickers they keep putting on the front page of the newspaper.  I've never seen one I wanted to take advantage of until the other day.  It was for 20% off on Parts. I've got a few parts I'd like to replace.  The only problem, I … [Read more...]

Coming To A Breakfast Near You

Keeping the Everyday from becoming the Everyday Life is never dull around our house.  It goes by way to fast to be dull. Yesterday was one of those very busy day, but it was a great day. Fat Paper Day I was behind on my paper reading but got that … [Read more...]

I Might be Old but I still pick up Change & Chicks

Well, I still pickup change. I see this as a source of exercise (I can still bend down and touch the ground) and revenue.  I don't care if it is a penny or a $20, I will bend over to pick it up. I find about a dollar a week in change laying in parking … [Read more...]

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