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To Tuck or Un-Tuck

Life can be confusing for a tired guy in Tucson.  Let me explain . . . Grandma: "tuck your shirt in, you're not a bum" It was an on going theme with my maternal grandmother (that's my mom's mom for those that don't know the term maternal).  Between, … [Read more...]

A Work of Art

Art Linkletter died this past week. I grew up watching Art interview children on his show.  "Kids Say the Darnedest Things" was a favorite segment for almost everyone.  I was a kid.  When the adults were laughing I had no idea what they were laughing … [Read more...]

Did You Know Your Gardner Looks Like Lee Marvin?

She had lived in Tucson years ago and was considering a position at the U of A heading up some new program in the field of Nursing.  We were driving around looking at homes and as usual we struck up quite a conversation. "You know when I lived here years ago … [Read more...]

My Amish Rake

I'm in the midst of a very large Extreme back yard makeover.  It has been going on for . . .  I won't say how long. Time is relative, unless it is a relative you are waiting on.  In this case it was a series of circumstances over which I had no control.  … [Read more...]

Viewing Life as a Tapestry

Life is a tapestry consisting of all our life experiences.  Every person and event in our lives add a colored thread to the weaving.  You know that saying: "Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees."  Most of the time we don't see the tapestry of our … [Read more...]

Sky Harbor is a Great Name

The pilot in the old bi-plane greeted me again just now as did the aroma of Starbucks coffee as we walked into the terminal to once again send off our Golden Gopher to head back to her lab job for the summer. We don't get to pick our name.  It is chosen for … [Read more...]

Tucson is a pretty good place to be tired

When I was in my teens I remember dad saying "By the time I'm ready to retire there won't be any social security".  At that time I thought to myself,  "That probably means he will retire and I'll be the one that won't every collect Social Security". Well … [Read more...]

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