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Hybrid Red

  Interesting day tooling around in a loaner Prius.  The other Toy was in for the gas pedal fix. Hard to get used to a car that doesn't make any sound when you start it up.  Love the gimmick gadget display on the dashboard.  I look at all those … [Read more...]

Seeing The Bigger Picture

Do you know what bugs you? You might think you do, but do you really know?  If so good, but again knowing what bugs you isn't the question.  The question (or maybe I should say the answer) is: Do you know how to cope with it? Take a look at this picture. … [Read more...]

Bisbee Bling in Tucson

It was the evening before Fat Paper Day last week. We were meeting fellow tired Tucsonans at Zinburger for Zucchini Fries and a burger. There were several thought that came to mind when I first saw this car. I'll bet they have a lot of fun with … [Read more...]

Life is a Journey, but that’s not the question.

The question is: Will we be the Master or the Slave A wise Doctor once told me, "Dead is for a very long time, don't waste the time you have." Life is for Now, we may not be where we thought we would be; things happen, circumstances and … [Read more...]

Achieving “Native” Status in Tucson

I am now a "Native" Tucsonan. You don't get a card or bumper sticker.  You just "know".  When I first moved to Tucson in 1999, which was in the last century, I was told "Almost everyone in Tucson is from somewhere else." But then again, isn't that the case … [Read more...]

Rabbit Resistant Plants in Tucson

Rabbits, rabbits and more rabbits. There are a lot of rabbits in Tucson. You probably didn't know that unless you live here. It is easy to spot up to 3 or 4 DOZEN rabbits on a typical morning walk. Dumb Bunnies Rabbits will eat everything except Rabbit … [Read more...]

Time and Tucson Time

Time is an interesting concept. We measure it different ways. Even people in the same society right down to the same household we can find people that measure time differently. For example in my family growing up we measured time in minutes with an … [Read more...]

Fat Paper Day

Fat Paper Day is a way of marking time. Today in Tucson it is Fat Paper Day. Time can go by so quickly here in Tucson it is very easy to loose track of what day of the week it is. The sky is blue, there might be a cloud the sun comes up early, it is hot, … [Read more...]

I Love Fresh Green Beans

I remember growing up in Ohio and a every spring we would plow the soil and put in the garden.  Green beans were always in the garden.  In the early years "before genetic manipulation" they were called "String Beans".  When we picked and snapped them we would … [Read more...]

My Sister Had to Replace her Skateboard Wheels

Dad said the other day that my sister had to replace all the wheels on her skateboard. I didn't even know my sister had a skateboard, let alone that she had worn out a complete set of wheels using it. When he first said it I thought I heard him … [Read more...]

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