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Are They Really Dumb Bunnies ?

UC Irvine Campus

Early Morning at Palo Verde on UC Irvine Campus

I spent this past weekend visiting my daughter Suzi at UC Irvine. She lives in that building at the top of the photo. Visitor parking is down where I’m taking the shot.

When we go places we walk down the grassy slope to the car.  Early Sunday morning we were off to Dana Point Harbor for breakfast (Yes, at Mcdonalds).

Step Over the Poo

The grass was wet so we walked the concrete strips down to the car.  You walk carefully when walking the strips.  That’s because there’s  a lot of bunny poop in the concrete strips.

Suzi said, “The rabbits never poop where they eat”  My dad always used the other 4 letter word to describe poop.  But the point was the same.

Rabbits are smart enough not to poop where they eat.  Too bad more humans aren’t as smart.

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