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ADD Reading The Norm

Take Time To Read

These days it seems very few people actually read. They scan, they pick out a few words, they skip to the end, but they don’t read.

I know this because I send a lot of emails which answer very specific questions. In response I  get an email asking another question (or the same question again) the answer to which was in the email.  It’s obvious the email wasn’t read, it was scanned, or worse, just glimpsed at for a keyword or two.

After all it is easier just to send another email than it is to read.  NOT.

Do I answer the question AGAIN.  Not usually, I keep it simple.  “Please read the first email.”  If you still have a question let me know.

Not a Big Deal For Email

It’s not really a big deal when it comes to email.  But it isn’t just email, its about everything being “read” today.  So many people simply aren’t reading.  I know because of conversation I participate in, because of commentary I see “Letters to the Editor”  etc.  It is obvious they aren’t reading.  In a rush to get in their Three Cents they scan, jump to conclusions, vent respond.  I should say react (it describes the writing better than respond).

Oh, did I leave out ignorance of the topic.

Is anyone else noticing this seemed inability to take time to read?


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