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Achieving “Native” Status in Tucson

Metal Owl Sculpture

I was made in Tucson

I am now a “Native” Tucsonan.

You don’t get a card or bumper sticker.  You just “know”.  When I first moved to Tucson in 1999, which was in the last century, I was told “Almost everyone in Tucson is from somewhere else.” But then again, isn’t that the case for everyone?

The way of telling time (as mentioned previously) is strange in today’s world.  My kids were told they were not Native Americans when they were growing up and going to school.  I let them know they were Native Americans since they were  born here.

The earliest settlers to this continent were supposedly immigrants that walked across a land bridge from another continent.  They came early enough to be Native.  But America is actually named after an Italian who came to this continent long after the land bridge immigrants.  They weren’t native Americans, they were at best Pre-Americans or Trans-Siberian-Land-Bridgers.

But enough political silliness.  We all know that once you have lived in Tucson for 10 years you are a “native”.  They don’t give you a card, or a party.  It just happens.


  1. Rachel Graham says

    Love this post. Yes, he did tell us we were native Americans, and we are.

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