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A Melon Baller – Tool of Excess?

cantaloupe after balling

Where's the melon balls?

When I was growing up Dad raised cantaloupe.  We always had the melon sliced into wedges with the seeds removed (of course).  I must have been 16 before I went somewhere that had melon balls in a bowl along with sliced bananas and orange wedges.

I didn’t even know what they were at first.  They looked like melon but I’d never seen anything like them before.  I took a toothpick and stabbed one of them (dead center I might add) and ate it.  Yep, that was melon.

Those were really good and I loved the idea of melon in balls.  I guess a lot of people did.  Now I started finding them everywhere.  So why didn’t we have a melon baller.

Mom smiled and said “Go ask your dad.”  That was kind of funny since dad was only ever in the kitchen to find out what mom was making, or snitch a little “sample”.

“Dad, why don’t we have a melon baller?”
“A what?”
“A melon baller, the thing that makes little balls out of canteloupe.”
“Oh, wastes too much melon.”

And back to work he went.  Oh, wastes too much melon.  Mom smiled.

I now have a melon baller, but in honor of dad, I scrap the little left-over parts of melon and eat them as “Gourmet melon shavings”.


  1. Mark Whited says

    You being a fellow Iowan did you call cantalope “muskmellon” ever.

  2. Dave In Tucson says


    Actually, I’m a Buckeye by origin and an Iowa transplant for 18 + years. Yes, we called them muskmelon all the time there. I think it is a much more descriptive term (based on how they smell) than is cantaloupe which almost no one can spell.


  3. Mark Whited says

    I guess I spelled muskmelon wrong too. You need spell check on here for people like me.

  4. I always wanted a melon baller and when I finally got one I never used it!


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