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A Man Beyond a Certain Age

All smile after the colonoscopy

I’ve really enjoyed the series “Men of a Certain Age” the show covers some very interesting topics and social interactions of men with and without families. The season opener of the series is on tonight.

I like all three of the main characters and their enduring friendship despite their different life styles and career paths.

It however, occurs to me that I’m beyond the ages of those guys on that series. I’m now a man beyond men of a certain age.

Beyond a Certain Age

Bat & Cane

I always wanted one of those

Not quite ready for a walker or a cane (although since the days of Bat Masterson I’ve wanted a cane) I’m not dealing with high schoolers, my dad’s business that I’ve longed to run myself or an acting career that as it ends forced me to make a choice to either grow up and take responsibility for my life or seek to remain a relic of youth past (long past).

No, those concerns are past by a decade or more, maybe even a score.  No, now I’m dealing with different “issues”.  What issues?

I’m beyond a certain age and I’ve learned that it isn’t wise to share some things in an open forum.  Especially, when I know my family gets email updates whenever I write a new post.

Therefore, being beyond a certain age, but not so old that I don’t have a few more decades in me, I’ll enjoy the show, and remember when I did or didn’t have those issues to deal with at that stage of my life.

Oh, and if you get a new mailbox key in an envelope from the post office, don’t rip it open and throw it away before you know which mailbox and door number is yours.  (No I didn’t do that, you see I’m beyond a certain age, but still have most of my marbles.) Hi! honey, 🙂

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