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A Dumpster Fire Kind of Day

Have you ever had a dumpster fire kind of day?  Maybe you aren’t familiar with the term.

A Dumpster Fire Day

Dumpster Fire

Not much of a fire or picture for that matter

I was at my office away from the office, KK for those that know me (Krispy Kreme) for the rest.  It has coffee that is strong, bitter and not my favorite.  I like McDonald’s coffee better.  Oh, so it’s the doughnuts!  Not really, I liked them better when they were hot instead of trucked in from Phoenix.  Besides, being a diabetic I am developing a learned “avoidance” response to doughnuts.

It is a lot like the obedience training I saw in the paper a couple of weeks ago where dogs are being trained not to taunt rattlesnakes.  For me those doughnuts make me want to bark and bite . . .

So why do I go to Krispy Kreme so often?  The WIFI is really fast.  I hold a lot of meetings at Krispy Kreme, so many the staff even has the table I use designated as “Your Table”  Regulars to KK also know “my table”.  There are a bunch of friendly people that drop in almost daily.  (is this story going anywhere?)

Tuesday I was leaving KK when I noticed 8 foot flames shooting out of the dumpster across the parking lot.  It caught my attention then I realized (this isn’t normal, is it)  Even though most dumpsters in Tucson are Green and this one Yellow, I didn’t think Yellow meant it was ok to set stuff on fire in a Yellow dumpster.

I headed back inside and told them the dumpster was on fire, Huh?  I repeated it and they headed out the door with me to see the flames and smoke.  Just then the back door of another business by the dumpster opened, about 10 people came running out to see the flames and smell the burning plastic and smoke.  (Oh the excitement in Tucson on a 100 degree summer morning).

I knew the Fire Department was across the long parking lot about 1/4 mile from the dumpster and I didn’t want to be caught there when the fire truck came.  I hope they only sent one truck.  So I took this quick photo with my point and shoot and got out of there.

Had it been cooler I would have stayed and shot a nice video to go along with the one I did the other day on the rubber backed rugs.  But it was too hot and the fire was almost out, at least the flames had stopped shooting out the top and the paint had already turned from Yellow to Black at the “hotspot” of the fire.  I love these pyrotechnic terms.

So what does this have to do with a Dumpster Fire Kind of Day?  Well, this pretty much describes what they are like.


As I finished that last sentence my laptop went into hibernation.  I thought I had the power plugged in.  It turned out the cable was plugged in, just no to the power.  Not so much plugged in as wedged in a slot in the back.  Looks like today is another Dumpster Fire Kind of Day,  Wow, two in one week.  Can I take this kind of excitement?

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