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A Bunch of Man Stuff

I’ve never shopped on Craigslist.  I’ve only ever been to the site a couple of times.  Recently I decided to do a little “de-stuffing” and get rid of some “stuff”.  Craigslist came to mind because when I was looking for a new table saw a few years back my son found the one I now own on Craigslist.

Yesterday I was looking at the tool ads for Tucson when I ran across this one.  It will disappear when the “stuff” is sold.  It shouldn’t, it should be memorialized as a great ad.  So it won’t pass out of existence when the “stuff” is sold here is the ad which I’m sure will disappear soon.  Such “stuff” won’t last long.

Man Stuff For Sale

$416 worth of man stuff!
Treat your man or yourself because life’s no fun

I’ll throw in this new, never used Colibri pocket watch that was $115
but you’ll have to pay my full asking price, $99 for everything
I know, I drive a hard bargain

You’ll get:
Black Marble desk set ($95)
2 small, working tape recorders ($45)
Brown worn out Brighton belt sz 36 ($55)
12″ Stanley tape measure ($8)
BMW silver keychain
new snooz alarm ($15)
2 padlocks w/keys
cell phone case
2 small black leather notebooks
“Fight Club” lighter ($15)

and what man doesn’t want to impress his friends
with his own remote control fart machine with over 15 different farts?
Control farts remotely up to 100 feet away!
I’ll even give you batteries! ($20 value!)
What a great icebreaker at parties to get the mood going!

1 lg pewter “Key to Success” ($15)
a black velvet bag with (3) nice Tungsten tournament darts ($45)
plus a new pkg of Harrows radical flights system ($15)

**New Nite Note ($20) with 2 extra nite note paper pks ($14)
Nite Note has a built in light with a
built in pen that writes upside down
You can:
* Write a vivid description of your dreams to bore your friends with
*4 a.m. and can’t sleep? Keep a record of your hopes and goals, even your “to do” list
* Tell that special someone how you feel
*jot down something important in your sleep!
*Keep track of late night harassing phone calls

Some tasty booze recipes on a silver ring
Duracell battery charger for 4-AA’s ($15)
Tasco binoculars, 7×35 wide angle model 318 (LOL) (an unbelievable $25 value!)
Autopoint silver pen ($14)
1 leather ashtray

Act today! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

man stuff

Man Stuff

Bonus Stuff

Breaking up is Hard to do but Lucrative?

I might have to check on Craigslist more often. There is some pretty cool stuff on this list. I can see now why so many people shop on craigslist.

Where have I been? Don’t Answer That!

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