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80 Percent Vegan

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Please Don't eat the flowers

I mentioned yesterday being 80% vegan. I even said (Don’t ask). Well that was like an invitation, wasn’t it.

I’m an (currently) an 80% Vegan diet guy. That’s coming a long way for me. I’m from Ohio, Midwest, meat and potatoes country. We raise beef and pork, we eat a lot of it too; or at least our family did growing up.
(I’ll have to tell you about trips to the locker someday. Downtown Mansfield, right on the railroad tracks)

So, the word vegan to me always meant someone from the planet Vega. It also applied to those few people that once owned Chevy Vegas. (I was one of those till it died on a huge hill going up Glenway Avenue in Cincinnati, Ohio, that too is another story)

My Name is Muffinhead

I wear it proudly. I’ve eaten breakfast at McDonalds for almost 40 years. Oh, the stories I could tell, but I won’t. The breakfast has changed over the years along with the prices. When I lived in Des Moines, Iowa I even had a breakfast named after me. It was called “Dave’s Breakfast” what was different? I had my eggs over easy. But, back to being 80% Vegan.

How did this happen?

I was watching a PBS special on managing diabetes through diet. I’ve read the books, and heard this oh about a 1000 times. But every time I start eating a lot of veggies my blood sugars shoot up. So I go back to proteins and complex carbohydrates. When I did the Atkin’s diet for a few weeks I had amazing blood sugar drops. But even a Midwesterner can only eat so much meat and cheese.

However, the Dr. on the show talked about a change on the cellular level. About how the fat inside the cell walls was what we the real issue, not defective insulin as I’ve always been told.

In a nutshell: One red blood cell, One sugar molecule , insulin to attach (the glue) but when this combo gets to the cell the insulin is supposed to uncouple the sugar from the red blood cell. It doesn’t, the result for the remainder of the red blood cells life it has a sugar molecule attached. (They live about 90 days.) The belief has been the insulin is defective. But the Doc, said the insulin is fine. The issue is a fat lining on the inside of the cellular wall which won’t allow the insulin to uncouple.

His approach: Rid the body of all the unneeded fat and the insulin will function again. Riding the cells of this fat lining means stop taking in fat animal fat and allow the cells to purge the fat from inside.

Twenty one Days Vegan

He knows it is hard for us to give up our meat, eggs, cheese, milk, etc. So he recommends “Try it for 21 days” Find some recipes and see if you don’t feel better and your blood sugars will start to drop and you will feel better.

“But what about all the stuff I have around the house already?”

So I’m thinking 42 days, 80% Vegan, might be a compromise. And so far it is working out pretty good. I’m getting close to the 20 day mark now. I’m feeling better, (about everything but the lack of a sausage muffie) and I’m seeing a rapid decrease in blood sugars (which I did not expect)

The only major change in this diet is breakfast. Eating steel cut oatmeal every morning is a challenge. But with a little splenda, cinnamon and sliced almonds I’m getting by. I still head to my cherished Mcds for coffee and reading the paper. I’m also taking advantage of the free wifi there on a more regular basis, (can something be “more regular”?)

I don’t think I’ll ever be 100% vegan. I might make it to 90%, but I’m not making any promises. A good steak or rotisserie chicken still catches my eye. But eating all the pasta I want, fresh veggies and spinach salads with kidney beans has been easier than I initially thought. I won’t give up my Tillapia loins from Costco either.

And even though I’m posting this on April 1, 2010, I’m not fooling around about my diet. I’ve been diabetic for almost 20 years. Considering I was facing going on insulin 6 months ago, to be able to reduce my drug intake and see my blood sugars reduced as well has been amazing.

Opp, time to go, I have oatmeal in the microwave.


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