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3:85 Microwave Time

Microwave Oven

No Not 3:85 !

I know there are only 60 seconds in a minute, but did you know that some microwave ovens will allow you to program in second up to 100 seconds after the minute?
Our GE will take the time 3:85 which is actually in human time 4:25 seconds. Entering 4:00 for a cook time is 4 minutes. But if you want less time there are moments when your brain can think that 3:85 is less than 4:00 by 15 seconds.

Then wonderment comes when the oatmeal won’t boil over at 4:00 but boils all over at 3:85.

Maybe no one should have to do math before they have had their oatmeal.


  1. Rachel Graham says

    Love this!! Go Math!

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